Licensed Massage Therapists

Bringing together our energies, spirits and ideas to create a company devoted to the well-being of our customers.

About Us

Body Mechanix, LLC is a limited liability company incorporated in Tennessee.  It is locally owned and operated by experienced licensed massage therapists.  We are bringing together our energies, spirit and ideas to create a company devoted to the well-being of you, our customers.  We believe massage can be an integral part of anyone’s health care regimen.

Body Mechanix, LLC has an environment that is safe, fun, kind, and healthy.  It upholds the values of respect for the individual.  As the owners of Body Mechanix, LLC, we strive to benefit our community by providing quality service and public education.

We hope you find our location easily accessible and our wide range of services enjoyable.  For those looking for therapeutic help, we can offer Swedish, sports, prenatal, and deep tissue massage therapeutic work.  We will be able to demonstrate specific stretches you can do at home that may help to alleviate further muscular pain.

We have created a relaxing and professional environment, and strive to provide superior service.  Whether you are looking for relaxation or pampering, you’ll find something in our select line of Spa services that we feel you will enjoy.

Our Therapists

Pam McClatchy, LMT CMCT | Lynn Smith, LMT, CPT Rick Owings, LMT

Pam McClatchy, LMT CMCT

Pam McClatchy was in the medical field for 23 years.  She has been a licensed massage therapist since 2002.  Pam was an instructor of Anatomy and Physiology at the Massage Institute of Memphis. She has had additional training  in myotherapy techniques. Myotherapy is a combination of fascial release and trigger point work. Pam has also had specialized training in Spa techniques.  In 2014, Pam became a certified massage cupping bodywork therapist.

What Pam’s Clients are saying…..

“Pam McClatchy is a wonderful massage therapist.  She is very knowledgeable about the muscles, bones and nerves in the human body.  Her technique is excellent and you can always count on her to “melt” the stress away!  I highly recommend her.”
K. J. – Business Owner

“Pam is very personable and friendly.  Her knowledge base of massage combined with her experience as a nurse make her a great and extremely effective massage therapist!”
M. W. – student

For about 3 years I had been going to multiple massage therapists and walking way after each visit satisfied.  I had narrowed my preferred list of therapists down to about 3 people.  One day none of them were available, so I just took whoever was available at the time I needed.  Arriving to my appointment I walked into the front office of the massage shop and found a Pam standing there waiting to greet me. She and I talked briefly about my health and massage history; then she began the massage: WOW was I the luckiest person in the world was the thought going through my mind at that time.  Ever since that first massage, I have been a faithful patron of Pam’s.  She can tell which parts of your body are feeling stressed and go right to work on those.  Her tactile senses of your stressed and injured areas are incredible.  She has mastered the art of incorporating her senses into reading what your body needs.  She has a way of perceiving and then implementing both deep and superficial modalities to ensure you receive not only a top quality massage, but also the therapy needed for your body to heal and rejuvenate it’s self.  Ever since that first massage I have thrown away all the other numbers and Pam is the only therapist I will go to. She is truly a top-notch therapist; she has a skill set that only few can master.
R. N. – Nurse

Lynn Smith, LMT CPT

Lynn Smith retired from the corporate world after 30 years of service. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 2000. Lynn has taught both massage and Anatomy and Physiology at the Massage Institute of Memphis.  In addition, she is now a Certified Personal Trainer. She received her certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine.

What Lynn’s Clients are saying…

“Lynn’s massage is wonderful!  Her warmth makes the session so comfortable, and she always helps release my back and neck pain.  Her stretching and breathing techniques are sure-fire stress busters, and her scalp massage is a little slice of heaven on earth!”  D.S. — Teacher

“I’m very particular when I choose a massage therapist, and Lynn Smith is one of the best I’ve found.  She is professional, respectful, and very tuned in to her client.  I appreciate that Lynn works with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a calm and relaxing experience.  Lynn’s expertise also extends into my daily wellness; she helps me to understand what is happening with my body, and makes me aware of habits and actions that might be causing stiffness and pain.  I enjoy Lynn’s low-key approach and her thorough knowledge of massage.”  –S.E. – Marketing Director

Rick Owings, LMT 

Rick Owings has been a licensed massage therapist since 1991.  Rick conducts workshops in seated massage and neck techniques. He has certificates in carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, neck pain and polarity.  Rick traveled to Hawaii and received training in fascial kinetics.  This technique is used for the Five Minute Back Tune-Up.

What Rick’s Clients are saying…

“Rick Owings is the best and most professional massage therapist I have experienced in 30 years of massage therapy.  His knowledgeable and talented hands make him a true artist in the massage field.  I recommend him to anyone who wants the very best!”
B.D. – Retail Manager

“I have used Rick to help with the neck and back pain that comes from leaning over dental patients.  It has really helped.  We have him come to the office during lunch hour and give chair massage to the staff.  They LOVE it!”  S.F. – Dentist

“Rick makes me feel more comfortable than any other massage therapist I have ever been to.  He takes his time to work out the problem areas with little or no discomfort.  I would recommend him to anyone!  He is the best!”
S.F. – Sales Rep.