Current Specials

 Valentine’s Special

Schedule two massages (same day, same time) for any day between
February 10th and February 18th,
We will give you 15% off each massage.*

* Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.

Spa Policies are in effect for Valentine’s Day.


January / February Special!

Tire Repair and Shine!

Foot bath, eco-fin heated treatment for hands, and the length of massage you desire.


30 minutes                           $67.50

45 minutes                            $80.10

60 minutes                           $90.00

 75 minutes                           $102.60

90 minutes                           $113.40

                      Buy any of these packages and we will add a Dry Exfoliation for free!

Exfoliation is a great treatment that removes the dry skin cells and allows your skin to better absorb lotions and oils.

This may leave your skin looking healthier and brighter.

Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts